I was welcomed with open arms

I was welcomed with open arms


I called 4slection, and started with: “You placed me a few years back. I wanted to check in with you as I was thrilled the last time we worked together and I would like to see if you have anything that might fit me again”, and I was welcomed with open arms, and after one click I was in the talk with Christian my old Headhunter. We had three meetings on Skype, and I got some emails with some questions I answered. 15 days after I was to the first, second interview with the company and now I start next month in my new CEO role based in Vietnam. I was so blessed, but perhaps, even more; I also am lucky to know and found 4selection back in 2014. I can heartily recommend the outplacement – I followed years ago, and at that time I was only unemployed in some months, it is not free, and its hard work from day one, but it saved me a lot of money as I got faster in a new job. Best wishes for Easter and I hope that everything will turn out wonderful and great for you and yours.
Posted: 2019-04-24 07:51:11
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