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4Selection delivers the entire selection and search process, as well as requested parts of the selection process for our customers, all at your request.
Our working methods are based on ethics and sharpened with high confidentiality and anonymity to both the businesses we serve and the candidates we assist. Each task shall be the subject of an offer and a schedule that is dedicated to its completion. When we have all the information needed for a certain task, we will create a search profile as well as a job, competence, and personal profile.

“We work from a psychological concept, and the selection in 4Selection is made by psychologists.”

4Selections’ search profile is an exact plan defining where and how we can find the most optimal candidate for a specific position.
This approach is called headhunting. “The right candidate” will be the candidate who meets the job requirements, competence, and personal profile. The focus is to find a candidate with the right amount of talent.
Within the whole Human Resources Management area, the recruitment and selection part is the weakest part, and it is sad as it is one of the most important elements for a company to get success, We decided to make a new recruitment concept, focusing on a selection process where we select based on the full definition of talent. We do not just select if the candidate has 3-5–10 years of matching experience and a matching education, we also evaluate the candidate’s competencies, skills, behaviour, relevant intelligence level, absorption and adaptation level, capacity, and engagement level, We ensure that the candidate, in reality, can do and will enjoy the daily tasks.
We have the experience needed to understand theories and put them into practice in a new way that leads to making wise decisions. We do not select on assumptions; we select on the nearest level of facts. As psychologists, we have had the opportunity to choose the best of many methods, and we have decided to use only the most psychologically recognised working models and project types that have been proven through historical experience and which give the correct result.
Once assessed, we feel confident that the candidate will be able to meet the expectations, wishes, and requirements as defined in the detailed job description.
Extensive use is being made of our advisors’ diverse networks, internal and external databanks. Our advisors also explore the market using our search profiles and areas of focus for finding suitable candidates.
When 4Selection has found the right number of candidates and invited these candidates for personal dialogue, the search process changes to a selection process.

We first create with our client a job, competence, and personal profile. The job, competence, and personal profile are the foundation of the selection work. This profile will be connected to the search process. Your profile contains a clear definition of the company’s needs, wishes, and requirements. This is compared to the company, the management, department, team composition, and job tasks. It is in relation to this profile that we match candidates. 4Selection internally sets up a working group that first assesses the company’s annual needs, desires, and requirements. We then come up with our recommendations for the profile and prepare the final job, person, and competency profile.

Confidentiality and anonymity are valued in our search process. 4Selection is practically “invisible” with this way of working. Great care is taken to preserve confidentiality, both for the candidates with whom we are in dialogue and for the clients we serve.

When we work with candidate mapping, we create a map of all relevant candidates who are in a defined market area.
Candidate mapping provides detailed information on candidate identification, organisational structures, and competitors or other relevant businesses, as well as analysis and reports on other, diverse areas of market intelligence.
The great value of this service is that it enables clients to identify the best candidates and design their attraction strategies to gain a competitive advantage. The map of candidates can be scaled to some companies, in some cities, in a region, or globally. The mapping can be a one time task or we can update a candidate map for our client, some mapping can take 1 month, others can take more than 1 month to shape. Especially in Asia, where we sometimes meet requests to be absolutely sure all corners of the market are evaluated for the best talent, this detailed candidate mapping is in high demand.
The benefit of the candidate mapping is that, when the map is made, contact with the candidate can be made very quickly.

The intelligence produced from candidate mapping extends naturally into our talent pooling service. 4Selection has a well-established capability for building and developing talent pools and pipelines of talent across geographical and functional areas. More specifically, we are able to maintain direct individual relationships with each potential candidate for the purpose of future employment.
We build knowledge of their aspirations, be they promotion/seniority, international opportunities, skills development, salary increases, or career milestones. Crucially, this externally held database of highly skilled candidates means reduced time-to-hire and, improved quality of hire.

“We ask a lot, we research a lot, and we talk with many references.”

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