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We offer our selection and search concept as a franchise concept. If you work with search and selection today and you have an existing good clientele, then we could be interested in cooperating with you.
We offer a number of services and advice on having your own recruitment business. There are different setups, but the concept is the same. A concept shaped and headed by a psychologist. If interested fill in some information about your self and we will get back to you.

We offer our concept globally to people with a high passion for search and selection.

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Our concept requires desire, energy, time, passion and there are a number of frameworks to follow

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We have set up different community forums for three different groups:
1. CEO / MD, President and Chairmen;
2. Human Resources Management professionals;
3. Finance professionals.
It is completely free and we are building these three forums at an international level. It is an internet forum set up with group function, forum functions, WIKI features, chat and profiling option. The idea is to create some professional focus areas and community for the professionals we work most with. As mentioned, it is free to join in. Do you want to participate?

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