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In 1996, we started as Abilities International, a group of young psychology students who were disappointed with the low quality of interviews we encountered. We saw an opportunity to significantly raise the level of quality and have been continuously developing our work models ever since. In 2006, we established 4selection, an advisory house created by psychologists with a primary focus on using the best knowledge and tools for selecting the right people for the job.

Our approach is to evaluate candidates based on their full range of relevant talents developed throughout their lives. We carefully observe the requirements of the company culture, management, team, and tasks to ensure that the candidate has the best chance of success in the job.

One of the keys to our success has been the specialised nature of our advisors. In 2006, we consolidated all talent management assignments under 4Selection. We do not follow the traditional track of the selection and search industry. Rather, we have the experience to understand theories and put them into practice in a new way that leads to making wise decisions.

We have had the opportunity to choose from many methods and have selected only the most psychologically recognised working models and project types that have been proven through historical experience to give the correct result.

“Time flies fast”, one of the phrases one hears most here is “what did we learn from it” and we have updated our concepts many 100 times, we have a lot to offer”

We strive for a workforce that is committed to our philosophy and vision, placing great emphasis on purpose and goals. Our success is rooted in our unique and innovative approach, which allows us to offer a service unlike any other. We don’t simply seek to make money; we earn it by providing something truly exceptional.

Our team of consultants is selected based on their beliefs, human skills, professional experience, and theoretical knowledge, including their current and future potential. Our advisors bring a wealth of experience and expertise, making them an integral part of our history and strength. We have a keen sense of who will fit into our culture and values, and once chosen, our advisors are given the tools and opportunities to grow and develop.

We are open, transparent, and honest in our communication, and we’re not afraid to take risks and embrace new ideas. Our approach is highly critical, and we pride ourselves on the results we deliver for both our clients and candidates. At 4Selection, we have built our reputation on our advisors’ convictions, courage, and decisiveness.

“We have Psychologists with 37 years of work experience, we have young advisors, right from the university, so we mix experience with new knowledge, it’s a lively forum”

Social media

Feel free to connect/friend with us on social media, Twitter, Linkedin and/or Facebook:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/4selectioncom
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4selectioncom
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/4selection

Be a member

We have set up different community forums for three different groups:
1. CEO / MD, President and Chairmen;
2. Human Resources Management professionals;
3. Finance professionals.
It is completely free and we are building these three forums at an international level. It is an internet forum set up with group function, forum functions, WIKI features, chat and profiling option. The idea is to create some professional focus areas and community for the professionals we work most with. As mentioned, it is free to join in. Do you want to participate?

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