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Here you can find some answers to the most common questions that we receive. All trade with us is subject to our business and payment terms, and the guidelines that you can see here in the “Questions and Answers” section:



We work on many different offers throughout the year.
We have:
“Opening Offers”: When we open up in a new country.
“Off Your Next” offers: We run yearly company campaigns where we offer discounts to our clients who trade with us again.
“New Client Offers”: These are offers that are valid for the first and second assignments. These are valid for 45 days.
“Summer offers”: Often in the summer period, May, June, and July.
“Special Hot Summer Offers”: Often in the summer period, May, July, and September.
“Social Media Sign Up Offer”: We offer a discount on the next invoice if you have connected with or liked us on three social media sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, and X/Twitter.
Also, the candidates are getting offers: We have always had some “free seats” in our network meetings and our webinars if you connected on our social media and signed up for our NEWS Packet.

Frame for offers

Some easy guidelines/rules for the offers:

  • Only one offers can be used on the same invoice, “one offer on one invoice”, but you can bye more (amount) of the same offer;
  • All offers are valid only for the period they are listed;
  • The offer expires on the same day as stated at. 5 p.m. Danish time, and will have to be bought before.
  • If you buy a Light recruitment package and use “Off Your Next” offer, then you will be awarded a discount on the next job/invoice you bye at 4selection. This offer applies only to recruitment and search packages, and not on selected One by One element.
  • When ordering, promo codes need to be used when ordering;
  • It is a prerequisite 4selection have the capacity to solve the task, but we usually do;
  • If you need to order more than seven tasks at the same time, please contact us;
  • All clients are offered the same offers in the same country;
  • To obtain the offers, the order/payment needs to be made and paid by the website;
  • Note the rules/frames defined in the offer.

Pricing and Payment


Kindly read on our dedicated page about payment: Payment terms

Price setting

At 4Selection, you get exactly the tasks and services you pay for. If you want more service, we will send you a quote for the extra tasks and services you want.

We have set our prices in Danish Kroner, but we also present the price in USD. There are frequent corrections to the USD exchange rate. It is on the basis of the price in Danish kroner that your invoice will be made.

Sale of goods ans services in the EU

If you trade beyond Danish borders, the VAT rules depend on whether you trade in goods or services and whether you trade with businesses or private individuals. If, as a Danish business, you sell your services to businesses in other EU countries, you normally do not have to charge Danish VAT. The buyer is responsible for calculating and paying VAT in the EU country where his business is registered.
Link: https://skat.dk/data.aspx?oid=2275656

Sale of goods and services in the EU - private customer

If your business provides distance selling of goods and sells a number of services to private consumers in the EU, special rules apply for businesses to declare and pay VAT in the member country where the consumption will take place. From 1 July 2021, a new joint EU amount limit will be implemented, among other things, requiring businesses in the EU to pay VAT in the country of consumption if they are providing distance selling of goods and certain services (including telecommunications services and radio and TV broadcasting services) to other EU countries and their total sales exceed EUR 10,000 per year. Please see the new rules from July 1, 2021, below for further information.
Link: https://skat.dk/data.aspx?oid=2297632

Conditions for sales of services exclusive of VAT to non-EU countries

4selection need to document that the buyer is a registered business. 4selection need to check the customer’s data and identity. It is possible to find this information on the Internet. Please save a print as documentation.
If in doubt whether the customer is a business, ask the customer for proof, such as:

  • a certificate issued by the tax authorities in the buyer’s homeland documenting that the customer has financial activities or
    the customer’s VAT number or similar number used to identify businesses in the buyer’s homeland.
    If you are not able to establish whether the buyer is a business, you should treat the sale as a sale to a private individual outside the EU.

Services where you should charge Danish VAT

For certain services, you should always charge VAT as a Danish business even if the buyer is a non-EU resident.

These include:

  • Services related to property located in Denmark (such as construction services).
  • Passenger transport taking place in Denmark (coach services).
  • Access to events relating to culture, art, sports, science, education, entertainment, etc. (such as fairs, exhibitions, seminars and courses) taking place in Denmark.
  • Restaurant and catering services carried out in Denmark.
  • Short-term hiring out of means of transport provided to a customer in Denmark.
  • For certain services, you should always charge VAT as a Danish business – even if the buyer is a non-EU resident – if the buyer uses the service in Denmark.

These services include:

  • Sale of rights;
  • Advertising;
  • Consultancy services;
  • Negative obligation (such as non-competition clauses);
  • Banking, financing and insurance services (not including hiring of boxes);
  • Hiring out of labour;
  • Hiring out of movable tangible property;
  • Transport and transmission of gas, electricity, heat and cold;
  • If the services concern the buyer’s business, the buyer can apply to have the VAT refunded.

Link: https://skat.dk/data.aspx?oid=2298415

Selection & search

Why we do it?


  • In short, working with humans is our passion;
  • We simply were not satisfied with how the candidates were handled;
  • We did not feel the right answers was asked, and that there was not enough dialogue with the candidate about the answers;
  • We did not see the right quality in the references checked; if they were made;
  • The recruiters we met in 1988–1996 did not know enough about the job functions, the tasks, and the success criteria, and this is why we decided to make a difference.

Perhaps 90’s rebel, but we also helped move the quality and value, and we are pleased with this today. We were pleased because we took the selection process seriously and raised the level.

Who we are


  • Experienced headhunters, specialised and well-networked in their respective areas of expertise, with the right related background, and a matching theoretical balance, can effectively locate, screen, and deliver candidates to fit individual client wishes in a timely fashion.
  • Many will tell you we are different, 4Selection does not follow the traditional track of the selection & search industry. We evaluate and renew our work models every year, the development of the world goes faster and faster, and we simply need to be on top of the business.
  • We are proud of the many years of experience our advisors have, typically in human resources management, where most of the team is educated as psychologists, which is not normal in the recruitment and search world.

Specialist area

We have solved both selection & search tasks almost within all areas, but there are some areas we are best at; see the list here:

  • Human Resources Management, Talent Management, Learning, and Development;
  • Talent Acquisition and Recruitment/search employees and management;
  • Finance and accounting experts;
  • Tech industry; programmers, designers;
  • Lawyers and administration specialists;
  • The technical part: Ship and drilling platform, engineers, technicians;
  • Retail management;
  • Senior management, and;
  • Media and PR experts and professionals.

Covering jobs on both a national, regional, and global level.

Denmark related to law the Discrimination Act

For recruitments that take place in Denmark, the legislation is of course followed. This applies both to us as a recruiting company, on behalf of a company. It also applies to the company we are recruiting for in Denmark:

In Denmark related to law the Discrimination Act:

LAW No 9118 of 04/02/2019 (Applicable)
Guidance on the Discrimination Act

3. Scope of application and protection of the law 3.1 The concept of discrimination
Section 1(1) of the Discrimination Act defines the concept of discrimination as follows:

“For the purposes of this Act, discrimination shall mean any direct or indirect discrimination based on race, colour, religion or belief, political opinion, sexual orientation, age, disability or national, social or ethnic origin. ”
This provision must be understood to mean that the law protects against any discrimination in the labour market on the basis of the listed criteria:

– race, colour or ethnic origin
– Religion or belief
– Sexual orientation
– National or social origin
– Political opinion
– Age
– Disability.

It should be noted that the criteria listed in the Discrimination Act are exhaustive. Thus, if there are criteria that are not covered by the listed criteria, they fall outside the scope of the Discrimination Act.
It should also be noted that discrimination on the grounds of sex is regulated by the Equal Treatment Act.
The prohibition of discrimination on the basis of the enumerated criteria of the Equal Treatment Act applies.

Candidates who expect to get children or who have children

Following inquiries at the Department; related to if recruiters should or should not select on the basis of whether a candidate can expect to get (expected or not) a child or children, or whether a candidate has a child or children, either of an age that tries care or not care.
Here, the response was that it was seen as discrimination. Therefore, this factor will not be included in our selection.
There may be examples where this is not seen as discrimination; however, the Department must be approached in each case. A response time is typically 2–3 months.

What background do your advisors have?

Most of our advisors are psychologists; the advisors who do not have this education are typically educated in a matching education and have longer factual experience from business life. The advisors who use the test or analysis systems we use regarding selection have all undergone certification.

Training & Webinars

Webinar system

We use the webinar system zoom.us or MS Teams, and we will send you the login, password, and “How to Do” some days before the meeting. Kindly note, especially the link, but also if we use a password to join.
You will have to use a laptop/computer and download a small programme before joining. We advise you to make sure the internet connection is stable and not too slow, It is your responsibility to secure your equipment. Kindly remember to test it before, so you know the microphone, speakers, and headset are working. We always start on time.

What if I'm late?

We start on time, and we don’t wait for people who are late. So be on time and enjoy.

What if I need to cancelling a course/webinar?

If you are unable to attend a course, you can freely transfer your course space to a colleague.
When cancelling a course, the following cancellation deadlines apply:

  • If you cancel within 4 weeks before the start of the course, we can send your money back;
  • Cancellation from 13 to 7 days before the start of the course is invoiced 50% of the course price/we can give you 50% back;
  • Cancellations made less than 7 days before the start of the course are invoiced for 100% of the course price.

If you do not meet your course requirements, we will invoice the entire course price – for whatever reason.
When changing your registration, the above conditions apply.
For the third move/change of your course registration, an administration fee of USD 75 will be billed.

Can I change the day and time?

If you contact 4Selection at least four days before the training day, and if we have an available seat’ on one of the webinars, we can help you shift to that day and time.

Can I participate anonymously?

We know that in some Asian countries, some people want to participate anonymously in a webinar, This is possible in a webinar by contacting us before the webinar and informing you if you wish. We will then take note of the trainer about this. You can use your bill number as a name/nickname.

Reservation/force majeure etc.

4selection makes reservations for any changes in time, place, price, cancellations and course contents as well as force majeure etc.

Our World


“Our world” is a dedicated area here on the internet where you need to have an approved login/password for entry.

Sign Up

We would first like to welcome you to sign up to enter “our world.”.
We offer you a lot of benefits:

  • You will be able to see all our prices;
  • The many exciting discount schemes;
  • You can order assignments directly here on the internet;
  • You can view our activity calendars;

The forum is made for both clients and candidates; it is free, and you can always decide to sign off if you like.
To become a member, you must give us your commitment that we must pay you, while at the same time approving our framework for cooperation.

  • For clients, please provide your work email, your LinkedIn profile, your first and last name, and your position.
  • For customers, please provide your private email, your LinkedIn profile, your first and last name, and your position.

There is a difference in the areas you get access to.
This is because we give you access to far more information than normal, and therefore we limit the area of competition considerations.

Not for everyone

We reserve the right to refuse you to become a member (Sign up) without giving reasons. However, it is very rare that we do not welcome you. However, the forum dedicated to our customers is not required to provide access to competing companies.


Company history

Answer: In 2006, Abilities International decided to place all talent management assignments in a new company named 4Selection, and one of the keys to our success has been the high quality and the low prices.
We are proud to be a sister company to the human resources management advisory company Abilities International established in 1984.

We love to talk

Answer: “We love to talk” was a campaign we launched years ago, but also to signal we love to talk to our candidates and clients.
The campaign was born as it was our experience, and our candidates’ experience, was that so many of our colleagues in the industry were so hard to get in touch with, and we think that was entirely wrong. You are always welcome to contact us.
If one day we are all in meetings at the same time, kindly note your name, number, and country/time zone, and we will get back ASAP.
You’re always welcome to call us on our direct line: +45 5267 8635. Our Offices hours are Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 5. p.m. Danish Time Zone.:
When we are online, we also offer you a direct chat, and you can also fill it out here, and we will call you back ASAP.

Defining 4selection

4Selection is a global executive search firm. We are working in the largest cities across the globe in EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and North America. 4Selection is widely recognised as having one of the highest placement ratios in the search business and is known for placing candidates who are the right fit and who stay where they are placed long past the industry average.
We are not a huge company, and we don’t plan to be one. Our focus is to improve quality year after year, and learn more and more.
Since 1984, Abilities International has been focused on providing specialised, industry-leading professional recruitment services for select clients and candidates globally.
The values and principles that the 4Selection foundation was built on remain strong as the marketplace continues to change and evolve with technology, access to information, and our clients’ expanding requirements to compete in the global economy.
Our company has continued to expand our service offerings based on our clients’ needs for a more specialised partner approach to talent acquisition.
Our point of difference is clear. We are experts in determining and understanding the right fit. As the search and placement industry continued to evolve and become more global in nature, the need to have a hands-on understanding of the clients’ true requirements became even more critical, and we feel we have succeeded on this key point.

The ultimate goal

The ultimate goal of 4Selection is to find candidates that create results and value for our clients.
Personal service, impeccable integrity, and local knowledge are just some of the factors that we take pride in.
We provide the same advisor throughout the process, and we are happy to know that our clients love what we are doing.
These values and principles remain just as true today as they were in 1994, and in 4selection related in 2006;
“Bringing people and opportunities together for the right reasons at the right time.”

How we work?

  • All our work models are shaped by psychologists, with many years of relevant experience;
  • We do have a high passion for what we do; we care about how we do our work;
  • We read all the applications with our own eyes;
  • We evaluate the candidates by meeting with them, where we conduct a structured interview;
  • The top candidate we usually had in interviews three times before presented;
  • We prepare questions for the individual candidate who we evaluate on a reference call, questions related to the success level the candidate had in the job, the social interaction and the relationship to management, team and eventually clients;
  • We do only use the most valid psychology test and analysis, and we discuss the results with the candidate;
  • Our advisor has evaluated the candidate’s material thoroughly before an interview, just as the advisor has prepared for the questions to be asked;
  • We listen to the answers and evaluate them intensely;
  • We do not use automatic IT systems—the applicant tracking system (ATS)—that choose the candidates;
  • We do not use video interviews, and we will never use them, simply because we do not believe they work and are not appreciated;
  • All our Advisors have quite tough criteria to fulfil and are using 20% of there time in training with our psychologists in the first two years;
  • Most of our advisors are educated, psychologists;
  • We believe in the value of have close contact with the candidates;
  • Many of the candidates we had known all the way back to 2006, some even back to 1984 when Ability International. Started when we created our company, and they know us, as each candidate has a personal advisor.

This is our professional belief and work foundation.

Can your advisor come to our business?

If you order an advisor to work with your company, we will send out an advisor.
The client will pay for the transportation, if it is outside of Copenhagen.
If outside Copenhagen, the client will pay for the train, bus, and taxi transport to the client if the transport time is more than 30 minutes.
If it takes more than 30 minutes to transport, the client will pay a special transport fee for the advisor.
If the advisor has to stay overnight, the client needs to pay an extra fee for the hotel and food. The amount reserved for food is DKR 495.00 a day.
If the advisor has to fly to the client, the client will have to pay for the air ticket. When travelling under 5 hours, economy tickets, when travelling more than 5 hours, business class tickets. (For security reasons, we do not fly with Russian, Indian air carriers.).
The advisor is insured by the 4Selection when working in Denmark and internationally.
If referring to psychology tests and analyses, if the company purchases 16 profiles or more, yes, or you can also purchase that option extra. Our advisor may be booked for the days that it takes. One can typically analyse up to 6 profile talks on a working day.

Where can I find bussiness and pay conditions?

Please contact us via the “contact” and we will get back to you promptly.
You can also chat, all clients have access to a client chat, which is open during office hours.
Kindly note the timezone difference.

Can we get a discount?

Our prices are already set much lower than everyone else’s, so there is already a discount included in the price.
We do run yearly offers; see under offer.
If the focus is psychology tests and analyses: you have the option to get a quantity discount if you buy more than 50 JTI analyses at once, We then offer you 2 JTI analyses for free when paying via card. (Visa, Master Cards).

Can we cancel the task?

If regarding a recruitment assignment, the recruitment task is started, we will evaluate where we are in the process. Please see the business terms regarding this question.
If regarding a booked training or advisory session with an advisor:
The cancellation needs to be done at least 18 hours before (Monday to Friday); if cancelled after 18 hours, the full fee will need to be paid.
If regarding ordered psychology tests and analyses:
Once you have ordered and paid for the job: no. The individual analysis is customised according to the customer’s individual personality, which the customer provides when submitting his order.
At the same time, consent is given so 4Selection can start the planning, execution, and commission within the general right of withdrawal expirations, after which the right of withdrawal lapses.
In other words, when the order is placed, the order is seen as finally ordered.

Can we pay by invoice?


  • Our prices are set quite low, and it is a prerequisite that you pay at the start of the assignment;
  • If you wish to pay via a bill/invoice, it is possible. However, it will be at the normal price level, and an administration fee will be added;
  • Payment must be received from you before we can start a task;
    We do not experience this as a problem, as all people and companies have credit cards, not least because they are used to paying that way to LinkedIn;
  • Special Offers: Here, it is a requirement that it be paid online;
  • Payment deadlines are defined in our business and pay conditions.

Test and Analysis

Do I need to go through Skype/conference?

This is in light of the fact that you or your company have requested a psychology test and analysis, which typically includes a phone feedback session.

It is part of our offer, and we strongly recommend that you review your profile with our advisor, but of course no one is forced to do so.

Can you purchase an extra meeting with your advisor?

Yes; one can easily book our advisors time.
It can be where the advisor shows up in the company or you can order a Skype time with our advisor. These sessions can be booked per hour, a minimum of 2 hours is invoiced.

What if one forgets his meeting with you on Skype/phone?

You can change your appointment by calling us, no later than 18 hours before.
If one forgets the meeting: Our advisors prepare thoroughly for each call/Skype call and must do so again, so you have to order 60 minutes.

What background do your advisors have?

Most of our advisors are psychologists, the advisors who do not have this education are typically educated in a matching education and have longer factual experience from business life. The advisors who use the test or analysis systems we use regarding selection have all undergone certification.
One example is the use of the Jung Type Index (JTI) analysis. Here,  the advisors are certified by the Center for Leadership, Denmark; which has the licence to do so.

Job Descriptions

Can a Job Description be returned?

Answer: In the event you ask us to create a job description, the job description will be made by our advisors, with a focus on the individual order. When you make the order, it’s not possible to return it after its delivered.

In the case where we work together in a search & selection process, we typically involve our client in the preparation; it is usually the client who defines the job content!

Career Advisory Services & Outplacement

Pro Bono

Pro-bono agreements cannot be converted to money or other services. The agreements are addressed personally to the person to whom they are awarded. The person who has made the agreement is responsible for the agreement and the assistance. The person who has given determines the duration of the agreement.

Pro-bono work is only offered to aid organisations.


What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information by individuals within the EU. The GDPR sets out the principles for data management and the rights of the individual, while also imposing fines that can be revenue based.
On May 25th, 2018, a new privacy law went into effect across the European Union (EU). It is called the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation. Any company that does business in the EU is required to adhere to GDPR.
In simple terms, it requires businesses to be transparent with people about what data they capture and store about a person, the ways in which they use that data, and how they achieve those purposes. It also grants people about whom the data is collected the right to deny storing or processing their data, as well as to request a copy of the data, or request that the data be purged.
GDPR applies to all individuals and organisations, regardless of country of origin, who collect and/or process data from EU citizens.

Governing Law

Governing Law:
If you are accessing this website from within the United States or its territories, your access and use of this website and the contents hereof shall be governed by the laws of Denmark If you are accessing this website elsewhere, your access to and use of this website and the contents hereof shall be governed by the laws of Denmark.

Frames to follow

All our frames are placed in this allocation: https://4selection.com/frames-for-all-trade-with-4selection/

Frames for all trades with 4Selection:

Related to the website:

Approval to operate a recruitment company

4selection is a registered company in Denmark, with Registered Company number. DK-29741239. Our permission to have a recruitment company governed by Danish and European legislation. Danish Data Protection Agency approval/reg no: 2006-46-0353.
Edvard Griegs Gade 7,
2100 Copenhagen OE
Website: www.4selection.com
Office hours by appointment.

Applicant Privacy Policy

4selection.com have its Candidate databank – placed on the allocation: candidatedatabank.com
The frames all sign under when applying is defined on this link: https://www.candidatedatabank.com/applicant-privacy-policy/

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