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Yes; we are different, and our passion and our desire to improve day by day, drive us in the way we work with the selection and search models we have developed since 2006, which we offer you at very reasonable prices. Prices that typically range 40% to 60% below those we usually compare ourselves with.
Our expertise in talent management; selection, and search; like we train others so we can lift the level for selection and search. It is, after all, a tremendous responsibility to decide if a human match or do not match the next job in their life, our last speciality is to help candidates in finding the next job.
This dream is what drives us every day, and together with our beliefs in shaping every day we enjoy what we do, every day we learn of all the small and big situations brought into the life we are living, and all the inspiring people we talk with every day. We can’t be happier, and we welcome new clients and candidates to work with us.

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– and we are proud of it!
We are an international psychologist house that works professionally with recruitment and search. We work differently and have placed substantial attention on how we select people and our communication with our clients and our candidates.

We may not think so much about it in everyday life, but it’s quite essential that we choose right, we do have a big responsibility, both for the company and the candidate. It can go very wrong if done incorrectly and can cost a lot of money.

We work out from a recruitment model, improved year after year since we started, and we will never stop improving, as the world changes faster and faster, a new generation with a new mentality is added. We also see new competencies showing up related to the development.

We offer our work at a lot lower prices than our colleagues do, we are often 40-60% cheaper than those we compare ourselves with and at the same time we offer the highest quality. We have been working in 4 selection since 2006.

We may be “The Ugly Duckling” who sells at a lower price, but we believe our price level is exceptional.

We are young, with new education and most of us have been working with recruitment since 2006 and some since 1996.

We have mostly psychologists employed, and it is a psychologically-built search and election program we follow. It delivers a combination of high accuracy, high quality, easy internet payment, and reasonable prices that give us success.

Fortunately, our candidates are experiencing a close relationship with us, that we are easy to get in touch with, and both they, and we know they are important to us. The tight relationship also do we can get in contact faster with the vast network we have built up over the many years, some of the candidates we have known for 16 years some even for 38 years.

We evaluate candidates on the full amount of relevant talent the candidate has generated through life. To observe the requirements and to fulfil and match the company culture, the management believes, the team and the tasks to do , so we are sure that the candidate has all the possibilities to get success in the job.
In 2006 we shaped 4selection. We were a young group of psychology students who were shocked about the low level, we meet when we were joining interviews with our self, and we saw the possibility to raise the quality level significantly. We have worked on the development of our work models since.
Within the whole Human Resources Management area the recruitment and selection part is the weakest part, and it is sad as it is one of the most essential elements for a company to get success, we decided to make a new recruitment concept, setting focus on a selection process where we select on the full definition of talent. We do not just select on if the candidate has 3-5-10 years of matching experience and a matching education, we also evaluate the candidate’s competencies, skills, behaviour, relevant intelligence level, absorption and adaptation level, capacity and engagement level, like we secure that the candidate in reality like, can do and will enjoy the daily tasks.
We have the experience needed to understand theories and put them into practice in a new way that leads to making wise decisions; we do not select on assumptions we select on the nearest level of facts. As psychologists, we have had the opportunity to choose the best of many methods, and we have decided to use only the most psychologically recognized working models and project types that have been proven through historical experience and which give the correct result.
We often ask the question: “How do you select your employees?” and to be honest it is very few times we get a correct answer.
We are sure you also, as a client, will learn a lot in the way we work together. We always secure that the manager who fulfils the role of Hiring Manager is offered an insight into the full recruitment process like we also provide an introduction to the essential elements that are needed in the first period when a new employee starts. We are only happy to share our knowledge, and we do see that our models and beliefs secure a much more successful start in the new cooperation, a value that benefits both the company and the candidate.

Try to ask yourself if you or your employees select your candidates correctly? It’s one of the weakest processes within Human Resources Management;  even though it’s one of the most important. We offer both education to the boards of Directors, C-level leaders, Manager level, HR Professionals, and employees in recruitment and search companies. Unfortunately, most people choose only based on the last two or three jobs and relevant education, and the interview is often not correctly build up, so the value is usually small, and unfortunately, the same goes for the reference calls, íf they even are being made.
In 2020 you need to be able to select your employees on the full concept of talent.
In other words, you must also be able to choose your employees out of competencies, skills, and behaviours: relevant intelligence level, commitment, absorption capacity, and resilience.
You will have to know how to build up a structured interview that will give you the last facts to decide if the candidate matches your company culture, management style, how does the candidate fit into the existing team and can the candidate solve the defined tasks and get success with the tasks?
How do you shape an optimal references call where you get clarified the employee’s previous work and the efforts and results that have been delivered. And what formal and informal laws are there to make these conversations?
All of this, we can teach you so that you do not make your decision on assumptions on what comes closest to the facts related to the candidate. And you will see, the way we do the education so that it can be done at a reasonable price.

We are specialists in outplacement, counselling, and offer training for candidates looking for a new job. We do not follow the usual way to work with your job search, and it is one of the reasons why our candidates faster get the next job!
Some forget to think that it’s quite expensive not to have a monthly income, and without help, it can take quite some time, especially at the executive level. Some of our candidates who follow our training had been going without a job for 1-1,5 years before they contacted us, and its long time to be away from the job market, and we also need to think of the salary you lose every month, it can be a lot of money.
We also advise our candidates on immigration, working in another country; it is all the areas we have worked with in many years. Our help and training take place online, and you can review our training at home or from your work. It just requires a fast internet connection and downloading an online communication system.

We have decided to work differently, and some may see us as “the ugly duckling!” We focus on high quality in the work process, and at the same time at a low price! A price that is often between 40% to 60% cheaper than those we compare ourselves with.
And if this is not enough; you buy only what you need! At 4selection you can buy either some of our packages or parts of a recruitment process.
We do see that our colleagues in Human Resources and also some of our smaller clients would like to do some of the processes themselves, both to secure a more internal matching to the company culture and the management believes but also to save money on the recruitment.

We also offer you to design your own recruitment process, we named it “One by One”. Perhaps you only need some of the element we have in a recruitment process. And we will be happy to help. If you want us to find the candidates and you want to do the interview yourself, it can be the correct combination for you.
We also offer combination packets and full packets.

We have analyzed our customers’ expectations, and offer all the wishes


These 3 recruitments

We have learned a lot by working with you in these 3 recruitments. In particular, we have learned how to work in the role of Hiring Hanagers and a great deal about the concept of talent. Thank you for this. Can only recommend as external recruitment specialists in the best thought.

Marius & Co.

Training senior management

Thanks for some great training days, a lot of useful content absorbed in just a few days. But thanks, you were probably right, 5 days was better than the 3 we had.

Karsten Jensen

Great webinar

It was great to see you again Mikkel, congratulations on the many new ones in the team, it is always exciting to hear news from you and we particularly enjoyed the webinar where you had 4 other HR managers with you, we look forward to meeting you next week in Singapore, I understand you fly in via Germany.


This was an exciting training session, yes now we understand the concept of talent and the relationship between competencies, knowledge and skills. Impressive doing this online with 23 countries represented.

Lian Woo

"We do not use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
We read all applications and CVs and we evaluate the full definition of talent"

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The volunteer expert team

Many of our experienced candidates and our customers have often called for an opportunity to participate in an expert team, and therefore we have made an Advisory team of volunteers. These meet twice a month, either at a Cafe or via Skype and the idea is that these teams independently offer help to companies in need, companies that have some problem. It is voluntary work but serves a good cause, at the same time. Let us know if you like to join in. We are still very new here, so you have the opportunity to be a part of the shaping team.

Join the community

We have shaped three different community forums for three different groups:
1. CEO / MD, President and Chairmen;
2. Human Resources Management professionals;
3. Finance professional.
It is entirely free, and we are building these three forums at an international level. It is an internet forum set up with group function, forum functions, WIKI features, chat and profiling option. The idea is to create some professional focus areas and community for the professionals we work most with. As mentioned, it is entirely free.
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"Clear price structure, on a lower level"; we are 40-60% cheaper than those we compare ourselves with. "Significantly better dialogue from candidate to headhunter"; we are approachable, offering phone, email, chat, community and network meetings. "Highest professionalism"; every interview takes place with a psychologist. "A clear structure and a very meticulous selection basis"; we select on the full concept of talent. "Solid trained Talent Scouts"; we have specially trained Talent Scouts. "Use the new media and the new form of communication"; - we've trained everyone to become "Ninja Research Experts" on the important social channels."

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