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We welcome our clients to sign up and be a member of our VIP network. It’s free and is both dedicated for companies and candidates. We will receive and review your membership from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 5. p.m. Danish timezone.
As a member of our network, we offer you a wide range of benefit like:

  • Exclusive invitations to our Network events, to a special low price;
  • All members are also invited to join our webinars with a discount of 50%;
  • We have an exclusive members blog, where you get information about the changes we see in the employee and management area;
  • You get free access to a dedicated net forum, a forum where you freely can chat, discuss, share ideas and material, we have made three dedicated to:
    • CEO, MD, President, Chairmen
    • Human Resources Management
    • Finance.
  • We are also working on building up an advisory board where volunteers with longtime experience can assist new starts up, with all the questions you have when you are a new entreperneur.

We offer our candidates to join one of our forums, here you can share experiences and a lot more

Sing up

We reserve the right not to obtain all. We only have a certain amount of available seats in this forum in the countries we operate in.
This forum is primarily dedicated to our existing customers and candidates. Any refusal will not be explained.
By signing up, you give your consent that you simultaneously sign up for our news package.
We must, according to the Danish and the EU Data law, state that you can always withdraw your consent. Your data will only be used internally between us and our subsidiaries/projects.

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A network of people is one of the strongest things you can use, here you can join for free

Social media

Feel free to connect/friend with us on social media, Twitter, Linkedin and/or Facebook:

Be a member

We have set up different community forums for three different groups:
1. CEO / MD, President and Chairmen;
2. Human Resources Management professionals;
3. Finance professionals.
It is completely free and we are building these three forums at an international level. It is an internet forum set up with group function, forum functions, WIKI features, chat and profiling option. The idea is to create some professional focus areas and community for the professionals we work most with. As mentioned, it is free to join in. Do you want to participate?

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