Definitively a great team of professionals

Definitively a great team of professionals


What I like are honest and near connection with both sides, the candidate (which was my case) and the company. They communicate more with you, ask you more direct and relevant questions, is what I feel. It is the first time some use the time to ask me: “What task I’m most happy to work with” or explain the importance in the key tasks.  This is the first time I worked with 4selection. Some will perhaps say “they are the same all of them”, but 4selection is not, its first time I have talked with a headhunter so intense, there is something that set them in a different league than the rest. Mikkel is an inspiration to speak with, he indeed listens and dedicates his efforts to identify who I am. I also understand from my boss before that they had a long talk, and my professor from the university also noted me they called him. Thank you for all your commitment and professionalism, very unusual. Thanks for the help, Tim
Posted: 2019-04-24 07:32:09
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