Thanks to the Advisor for listening

Thanks to the Advisor for listening


It is another type of meeting you have. They use more of the time listen to what you have to say, then a new question is asked, and here we sit and drink green pear tea with ginger in a comfortable soft, deep sofa, and you can hear the birds in the garden, and the sun from the window make shapes on the table. I’m impressed with the many available hot and cold drinks you can choose from on the trade placed on the table; they even have ice cubes for you and cookies. I will be looking forward to my next job coaching meeting. It is smart all the material I can access online via my Ipad. Thanks to the Advisor for listening and the bird for singing the song. “On the other side of the coin”, they don’t hide in the shadow – this will be a lot of work and that it must come from me, but I will find my next job!
Posted: 2019-04-29 10:39:12
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