A new HR concept, focusing on Talent Management

A new HR concept, focusing on Talent Management


We have used 4selections expertise to build a new HR concept, focusing on Talent Management. They managed to deliver a whole creation and implementation in just 11 months, and all wishes were met. We reduced the recruitment time from 4-5 months to 3-4 weeks, we cut the staff turnover rate to half and this while they implemented new systems and created new habits. Now the salary part is related to performance. What I like also is the local knowledge, so solid expertise from the nine countries they worked with (China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia), it does it a lot easier. It was a period with so many things happening, in a tight timescale, but everything came in place – even before time, and we felt strongly guided and safe, they are very committed and very persistent, and they are adjusting to our wishes.
Posted: 2019-03-22 13:30:29
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