Singapore gradually eases their restrictions with one in three employees now able to work on-site. With this new instruction after weeks of isolation, business leaders start to pay more attention to the new return-to-work protocol where physical distancing and workplace

We learn that COVID-19 has created a severe global recession. The pandemic has led to a global economic downturn that affected the world’s financial markets. If prolonged, the crisis will increase home mortgage foreclosures worldwide and cause millions of people

Burnout at work is real and might be more common than you think. Gallup Workplace survey found that among 7,500 full-time employees, nearly one-fourth (23 percent) reported feeling burnout at work very often or always. Another 44 percent reported feeling

More and more companies are now starting to exploit their remote research effectively. With improved processing capacity and greater networking, remote research can be done smoothly nowadays. The fact is that companies no longer have to restrict their recruiting activities

Adapting environment-friendly practices within a company has become one of the most critical topics in the business world and sustainability. Especially in today’s situation where global warming is steadily rising, ‘Green’ practices should be adopted by companies starting from the

Retirement would be delayed Unemployment is reported rising while many businesses rearrange their financial incentives for employees, including healthcare benefit, wages, bonuses and retirement plan. Money Rates survey on retirement plans showed that the corona crisis will force employees

HR audit involves devoting time and resources to take an intensely objective look at an organisation’s HR policies, practices, and procedures. Performing an HR audit can be extremely helpful for employers to avoid legal misconduct and the risk of being

Employers have modified their workplace health plans to provide further support to employees impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Pacific Business Group on Health reported. The changes made by employers include providing health benefits to roughly millions of employees and their

HR Experts discussed that 2020 has been a rough time for businesses and human resource management to operate normally. Virus mitigation strategy that encourages people to focus on public health, including reducing contact with other people as much as possible,

Labour Day is often celebrated with parades and social activities around the globe. However, with the current COVID-19 crisis, many events for Labour Day celebration are reported being cancelled. The Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development of Uganda,

The importance of financial education Financial education is increasingly essential, and not just for investors. It becomes essential for the average employees to help them balance their financial budget, buy a home, fund their children’s education and ensure their

Working from home (WFH) has become the new normal as employers join the forces to help the government fight the spread of Covid-19 virus. In the future, a remote option might become increasingly encouraged even after the pandemic has gone.

Leaders must rethink their remote strategy fast, or we are heading for a global productivity dive and total economic ruin. 42 percent of remote workers surveyed felt they were “more productive” after working for a long period of uninterrupted time

Google on Wednesday banned Zoom video conferencing application from its employees’ laptops, citing security concerns. “Recently, our security team informed employees using Zoom Desktop Client that t will no longer run on corporate computers as it does not meet our

The warning comes almost three weeks after the International Labour Organization (ILO) predicted that 25 million jobs were threatened by the new coronavirus. According to the agency, the latest dire assessment reflects the full or partial lockdown measures affecting almost

The Covid-19 infection cases have reached more than 1 million globally, doubling in a week as the virus spreads across Europe and North America and established a toehold in Africa. With the cases increasing rapidly, stricter rules are implemented in

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