You can buy our recruitment and search packages here. You also have the opportunity to buy the individual parts in a process or put together your process yourself. We are happy to advise, we love to talk, so feel free to contact us via phone: +45 7023 6023, or via our contact form, and we will call you back.

Get an account

The first thing you have to do is to open an account. It’s very easy and after you have click send, you will need to go to your own email box and find the link, accepting the account set up. When you have the account we also need to approve you as a client, buts that’s done fast. Our offices are open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can approve account in this timeframe.

After the account is made, you can see much more information, like:

  • Purchase orders, trade terms, payment terms, and a Q&A;
  • You’ll also find access to all of our prices;
  • We also offer you access to a client forum, where you can share knowledge and ideas with other clients, and our advisors;
  • As a client, we also offer you to get a discount when joining our activities, training sessions, webinars and network meetings, and;
  • As a client, you also get a big discount on our outplacement process, if you one day lose your job.

It can also be a value to be registered as a candidate as you get access to many interesting things, like:

  • For students, we always have 2-3 Free seats when we have webinars;
  • If you work in a humanitarian organisation, we have special offers for you;
  • You get Invitations for joining our activities, training sessions, webinars and network meetings, as a member you get a discount;
  • Are you looking for your next job? We suggest you join our outplacement course, we have different solutions. Here you also receive special offers as a member.

“With us, you can either choose a package or you can put together a package yourself. Please note there is an extra discount in the existing packages”


How to pay?

Just as you pay for Linkedin via credit card, you also have the option here. This form of payment is chosen so we can keep prices down.
However, there is also the possibility that you can send an invoice that you then pay via a bank. If the invoice solution is chosen, an administration fee is added. The full fee needs to be paid before we start up the task.

“Our prices are calculated on two different hourly wages, an Advisor price per hour and a psychologist per hour”

Social media

Feel free to connect/friend with us on social media, Twitter, Linkedin and/or Facebook:

Be a member

We have set up different community forums for three different groups:
1. CEO / MD, President and Chairmen;
2. Human Resources Management professionals;
3. Finance professionals.
It is completely free and we are building these three forums at an international level. It is an internet forum set up with group function, forum functions, WIKI features, chat and profiling option. The idea is to create some professional focus areas and community for the professionals we work most with. As mentioned, it is free to join in. Do you want to participate?

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