We have a few questions that we would like you to answer in relation to the job you have applied for. We hope you will answer all our questions and preferably within a few days. We will then get back to you later in the recruitment process.

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By pressing SUBMIT, you consent to us receiving, storing and using your information in connection with recruitment. As a general rule, we will keep your data for 3 years, to which you give your consent.

You can withdraw this consent; if you do so, we will not be able to process you as a candidate in a recruitment process.

The application and your CV, and the answers to those questions, are at the same time the signal that you are applying for a position with us, and you give your consent that we may pass on information to our client.

In case you are selected as a top candidate, we would like to ask for permission to pull references. In this case, we will ask for your consent separately. We will never contact your current workplace unless you agree to this in writing.
We kindly ask you to ensure that all information is up to date and valid, in case we encounter any inaccuracies or things that are not true, we reserve the right to remove you from a selection process.

We ask if you are over 18 because it is a requirement to be over 18 to work in the company we represent, otherwise there is no selection based on age.

Read more about our processes and frameworks under frames. All cooperation, both for candidates and for clients, follows these rules.

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