Payment terms

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On recruitment/selection/search/headhunter assignments, our fee is calculated based on a percentage calculated on the employee’s annual salary.
(Annual salary is defined as the monthly salary x 12).
4selection reserves the right to adjust the fee in the event that the candidate is recruited at a higher salary than originally stated.
The sum is for one employee.

At 4selection, all corporate customers are offered the same payment solution.

1/3 is paid at the start of the assignment;
1/3 is paid after 30 days;
1/3 is paid on the day the employee is hired by the company.

All private persons

Here our fee must be paid and deposited in our bank account before we can assist the private client.
In addition to these terms and conditions, there are rules for customers who are considered private persons in Denmark, here the law is followed of course.

For payment via the Internet, we receive the money within some days. Payment is effected via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. It is the form of payment that is the basis of all trade. Invoiced from 4selection Copenhagen is subject to Danish law, which is followed. Danish tax on 25% is paid in Denmark.

1. It is the responsibility of the buying customer (company client or candidate) to read and evaluate the purchase order for eventual mistakes made in the booking in the order. Failure made by the buying customer – to do so will not, under any circumstances whatsoever, be accepted as grounds for failure to pay the fees as per the payment terms agreed between 4selection and the buying customer.
2. The Consultancy may, at its sole discretion, ask for payment within 7 days. Tasks can start shortly after payment has arrived.
3. Time for payment for the Services shall be of the essence and will be stated on the invoice or any other forms. If no time is stated then payment shall be due, at the Consultancy’s sole discretion:
(a) seven (7) days following the date of the invoice for Introduction services and out-of-pocket expenses, and
(b) seven (7) days following the date of the invoice for advertising services.
4. At the Consultancy’s sole discretion 100% of the Fee shall be due in the event of Introduction(s), upon the Candidate’s commencement of employment with the Client.
5. The Consultancy’s minimum Fee is a minimum of 2 hours work.
6. If you book an advisor to work in your company on a running basis, we ask for 14 days payment upfront, calculated on the estimated amount of hours. Eventual more or fewer hours will be adjusted in the next payment.
7. The company have the right to “park a task on hold” until payment is effected.

For the purpose of Fee calculation

1. (a) remuneration is calculated based on the hours and the number of tasks we are going to solve. There. Individual offers are prepared from a fixed price list. A price list divided into two groups: specialists and psychologists.
2. In the event where no set Remuneration has been agreed or is not payable, the Fee will be based on a fixed price list.
3. In the event of a Candidate engaged by the Client as a consequence of or resulting from an Introduction by or through the Consultancy, during the preceding 18 months period, the Consultancy shall, at its own discretion, charge the Client with the relevant placement Fee.
4. In the event of a Candidate being employed for an agreed set period and having completed the initial contract if the Candidate is subsequently offered a permanent contract by the Client within a six (6) month period of the completion date of the initial contract, the Consultancy is entitled, in its own discretion, to charge an additional fee of up to 100% of the original placement Fee.
5. In the event of a Candidate successfully obtaining a position of employment subsequent to attending an interview organised by the Consultancy, but the Candidate does not take up the position within six (6) months from the date of the interview, or on the date mutually agreed by the Consultancy and the Client, the Consultancy shall, at its own discretion, charge the Client with the relevant placement Fee.
6. In the event of a Candidate attending an interview and not being offered a position immediately but subsequently being hired within six (6) months from the date of the interview, the Consultancy shall, at its own discretion, charge the Client with the relevant placement Fee.
7. In the event where the Client introduces a Candidate, that has been previously introduced to them by the Consultancy, to a third party and subsequently the third party engages the Candidate within employment within 18 months of the date of the Introduction, the Consultancy shall, at its own discretion, charge the Client with a placement Fee in respect of that Candidate.
8. In the event where a Candidate introduced by the Consultancy to the Client is already known to the Client as a result of direct contact or contact through another consultancy, the Client shall notify the Consultancy of that fact within four (4) working days from the Introduction. Failure to comply will result with the Client liable to pay a placement fee in the event of its Engagement of that Candidate within 18 months of the Introduction. In each case, the Fee will be equal to the sum which would have been payable if the original Introduction had resulted in an Engagement.
9. All out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the Consultancy including, but not limited to, research, travelling expenses, interview expenses, will be invoiced in addition to the Fee(s), where such expenses have been agreed in advance between the Consultancy and the Client. International phone calls and courier charges (within reason) are included in the Consultancy’s Fee.
10. All advertising services provided by the Consultancy to the Client will be invoiced at cost, where such expenses, artwork, and space costs have been agreed in advance between the Consultancy and the Client.
11. The services of Candidates taking up contract employment with the Client will be invoiced at an agreed hourly/weekly rate.
12. Invoices for contract employment will be raised monthly and are payable on receipt.
13. Payment will be made by credit card, Pay Pal or by bank transfer.
14. The Fee(s) will be invoiced and are payable in Danish Crowns.
15. VAT and other taxes and duties that may be applicable shall be added to the Price except when they are expressly included in the Fee.
16. Receipt by the Consultancy of any form of payment other than cash shall not be deemed to be payment until that form of payment has been honoured, cleared or recognized and until then the Consultancy’s ownership or rights in respect of the Services shall continue.

Net 7 :
Please make payment within 7 days.
All invoices that remain unpaid after the payment term, will be subjected to a compensation of 10% with a minimum amount of Euro DKR 100.00 based on an annual interest of 10%.

The low prices are calculated in relation to candidates and customers are paying via a credit or debit card.
In some countries, we can also send an invoice or you can pay by bank transfer:

  • Denmark;
  • Sweden;
  • Norway;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • Singapore.

The tasks can first be started when payment is received. It is easier to pay by credit/debit card, as you normally do via Linkedin. If you need the invoice solution contact our accountant:

  • We reserve the right to transfer the case to Debt collection if the customer does not secure the payment after we have sent a reminder to the customer 2nd times;
  • The 1st reminder is sent after 9 days;
  • A fee on DKR 100.00 is charged for each reminder;
  • We reserve the right to report a missing payment to payment records;
  • All costs relating to a debt collection case are charged to the customer;
  • 4selection reserves the right to stop a task if payment is not made as expected;
  • Missing payments will be reported to the court in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We recommend that you contact us if you have problems paying the invoice via this form:

We do offer our clients to pay in other currency. Kindly contact your advisor to get a calculation from 4selection, we calculate the sum out from our banks changing policies to the currency we can offer.

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