Outplacement – what we offer

  1. First, you meet with our psychologist, and we talk about what you are looking after, and also what you are not looking after!
  2. Together we shape a clear picture of your personal profile, passion and inspiration;
  3. We  present the 13 elements in Talent Management, so you know the focus and get hands-on the concept of talent;
  4. We work closely with our dedicated advisors, shaping competencies and skills profile;
  5. We shape a talent profile, keep the focus on your full amount of talent, and what values you have shaped that can be a value for you to present for your next employer;
  6. We work with you on your presentation material, and advise you on the best way to build it up, both with focus on different cover-letters and your Curriculum Vitae, what to send next, material to bring for the interview;
  7. The setup of your cover.letter or/and curriculum Vitae is very important; so we set up this after what we know give most interviews;
  8. We talk about social media: LinkedIn, facebook, twitter and Instagram. And if you’re in Asia, also the Chinese top 10 social media;
  9. We help you to find data about related companies and shape list with matching companies, contact people and emails;
  10. How to prepare for a job interview, preparing you on how to prepare answers to the typical questions – Q-cards;
  11. We make a weekly plan for how and when you work with what kind of media;
  12. We talk about how to be joining into networks, and how to grow your professional network.
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