Economy Class Packet

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Recruitment packet includes:
Create a Job Description
Advertising of candidates
Receiving applications to our email
Select candidates (Read 60 candidates CV and select)
Screening interview – Skype (10 interviews of 30 min, plan and select)
2nd Interview – Skype (1 Interview of 1.5 hours, plan and select)
Psychology recruitment/selection testing (1 candidates, plan, evaluate, score, feedback and select)
Final selection of applications (Evaluate max 5)
Reference interview (Final candidate 1)
Create a candidate presentation (per candidate)
Meeting with Hiring Manager via Skype (1 hour)
Meeting with Hiring Team via Skype Advisor
Create an employment contract
Make a follow-up on the appointment – Advisor – Skype.

Economy Class Packet – Offer until November 30, 2021.
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Economy Class Packet – Normal Price
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The amount is shown in Danish Crown (DKK) included Danish VAT 25%, which is required to be added for Danish clients. Please contact us if your company is not in Denmark to get information about sales tax and prices in other countries. All trading takes place according to 4selections frames.

Clients get a discount

“Start the new friendship with a reduction in the price”
We wish a close friendship with our clients, and we spoil our members with exciting offers, social activities, free training, offerings on education. Do you sign up as a client and connect with us on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook your company receives a discount of US$ 200.00 (DKK 1,332.00) on the next invoice when choosing one of our recruitment- or search packets. Click, read, connect, and sign up.

This discount can be given one time to each client. We give it when a client connected/friended via all the 3 social media Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. If you already are connected/friended on all 3 media, this discount is not valid.
Once you’ve been connected/friended to all three media, please fill out these few data and we will send your discount code you can use the next time you buy from us:

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