Chief Commercial Officer

We are pleased to present this position from our client.

Our client

Are you into quick decisions, decisions that are typically made on data and facts? This is definitely a serious Danish company that has been doing well for the last 6 years. Like all other companies slowed down by Covid-19 – now on the way to new heights thanks to their focus on employee job satisfaction, the customer’s ratings of what the company delivers, and a constant focus on improving 10 focus areas.
So if you want to help create the framework for further growth this is an exciting company to join. The company develop daily and not two days are the same.

Job Description

With direct reference to the company’s CEO:

Primary duties and responsibilities:
Leads effective operation of teams focused on marketing, sales, product development and customer service, ensuring rapid modernization and upgrades of work tasks are continuously optimized;
Oversees projects and tasks within the department’s workflow and IT systems;
Conducts performance reviews that are timely and constructive.

Secondary Duties and Responsibilities:
Collaborates with members of senior management to identify ways to help the company achieve business and financial goals;
Identifies new market developments, trends and technologies;
Working closely with marketing and sales, optimizes the sales platform and secures an increasing number of new customers;
Ensures that IT and network infrastructure adequately supports the company’s computing, data processing and communications needs;
Develops and implements the IT budget;
Communicates company goals, projects and timelines to the department; plans ways to accomplish these goals within the department;
Establishes long-term needs and plans and develops strategies for developing workflows, systems and acquiring technology – software and hardware necessary to meet those needs;
Assists the CEO in presenting a unified strategy for marketing, sales, product development and customer service, and ensuring implementation and execution of the strategy;
Ensures compliance with applicable regulatory rules.

Sales Management:
Organizes and oversees schedules, territories and performance for regional and local sales managers;
Work intensely with Social Media and the synergy this creates for escalation of customer flow;
Execute and participate in pitches with large clients;
Conducts performance reviews that are timely and constructive;
Handles discipline and termination of employees in accordance with company policy.

In collaboration with Marketing, initiates and implements the organizations advertising and promotional activities;
Analyzes target market information to identify and recommend effective marketing methods;
Identifies new market segments that will benefit from the company’s products;
Prepares effective advertising campaigns based on market research;
Maintains knowledge of new products and services;
Collaborates with senior executives to develop growth plans for the organization;
Forecasts, drafts, implements and oversees the departmental operating budget.

Sets the strategic direction for the company’s product development operations; executes this strategy in collaboration with company leadership;
Communicates with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders to identify and assess product and program requirements; applies this knowledge to support product development strategy.
Monitors product process from development to production; proactively addresses and resolves any issues and risks that arise;
Develops, implements and enforces key performance metrics, milestones, specifications, documentation and reporting requirements and budgets;
Tracks and analyzes product, program and process costs;
Oversees and facilitates cross-functional projects and teams;
Communicates department, program and project performance and process to senior leadership through periodic status reports and presentations;
Ensures compliance with industry and regulatory requirements and best practices and adherence to company processes and procedures;
Maintains knowledge of evolving industry trends and technologies.

Supervisory responsibility:
Oversees projects and tasks within the department’s performance;
Leads efficient operation of the team so that rapid modernization and upgrades of IS are performed as needed;
Conducts performance reviews that are timely and constructive.

Competencies, knowledge and skills

A highly developed empathy, with a focus on creating a motivating and inspiring working day, both within own teams and across the business;
Excellent oral and written communication skills, in Danish and English, level C2;
Experienced with Microsoft Office Suite or related software, much like Podio and relevant IT systems that can enhance, simplify and automate everyday life;
Excellent ability to create concepts long-term business goals and develop orderly processes to achieve these goals;
Excellent management skills;
Thorough understanding of information technology and information technology systems.

Applications and CV

Kindly be sure your application will be sent by this form. Only applications and CVs arriving this way will be included in the recruitment process.

We typically receive applications from candidates – from all over the world. For this position, you must have a visa, residence permit to work and live in Denmark. It is also a requirement that you have a residence in Denmark.

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